Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just a bit of play time

Good morning folks.
It's been a funny old week really, I've been working most of it so time has not been as readily available to craft. You will also notice that my blog has had a new look; not really by choice but because I suddenly kept getting the Malware warning about shabby blogs so I thought I'd better act on it and remove it. It's a pity really becaise I liked it and now I need to make time to find something I like; or stick with this for now.... any suggestions?

Anyway, last night I decided to just have a bit of a play with stuff. I had no plan so took some tags I'd cut and embossed a while ago and thought I'd see how the various colours worked together. So, four tags, 3 different inks each, chosen with no thought and deliberation............these are the results

                                         This tag : Black Marble, Lemon zest and Postbox red

This tag: Crushed grape, Cut grass and Pure sunshine.

                              This tag: Melted chocolate, Squeezed orange and vibrant turquoise

This tag: Bubblegum pink, London blue and Fresh lime.
With this one I added the metal butterfly. I wanted to try out the new Vintaj paints and glaze from Ranger. I used Verdigris, moss and jade paints, buffed with the vintaj block to reveal areas of metal and then glazed it. The colours just seemed to really work with this tag  so I popped it on.

So, as I said, nothing really finished but it was fun playing with the colours. I spritzed water onto the tag before the colours and that seemed to help it blend nicely.
So, hope you have some time to play around a bit too this weekend; a nice long one for some folk, I'm working today and Tuesday so no real difference to my week!


mark gould said...

Those colours are so vivid,I must get a few more.
The butterfly looks great, the vintage paints look fab as well. have a good weekend.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Always good to play, helps me to learn colour etc. These are stunning tags, so vibrant. Love the embossing too. Zo x

Joanne said...

Wow, if that's what you can do without planning, just shows what can be achieved when you do.
Hugs Joanne xx

...the yorkshire fox... said... a riot of colour & all so vivid! loVe how you've just taken the colours & ran with them, all blended beautifully, nice with the embossing fave colourway is 3rd Tag down although very partial to N'1...superb buterfly...nice posting Neil...Mel :)

annesyme said...

Gorgeous tags love the vivid colours of the inks you have used. What make and type of ink is it.
Anne x

monique said...

Love the colours and the tags

Julia S-W said...

Really love the bright colours and embossing coming through here! Great tip to help the inks blend - I must try that as I've had trouble with that.

I like how your blog is at the moment with the image at the top. Perhaps you could do some kind of montage showing elements of some of your pieces? I'm thinking that arty shots of pieces of these gorgeous tags you've done would look amazing as a background, particularly if they were enlarged sections rather than the tags as a whole - if that makes sense!

inkypinkycraft said...

The tags are full of yummy colours !! Love them hugs trace x

Bella said...

I like the colour background you got going here though I find the white on black writing harsh to read for any length of time as it makes the words bounce a bit for me. Great tags, love the colours they are so vibrant.

Rita said...

Wonderful Tags Neil. I'd love to get my mitts on those inks, they are on my wish list ,but a bit far down for now. Enjoy your week-end. Hugs Rita xx