Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hi there folks
Yesterday I spent the morning in my studio working on a load of stuff for deadlines and I have to say that by the afternoon came round I was getting rather brain dead; and how do I know this? Well; this is what happened when I tried to be clever and creative with Frantage!
 To be fair, I had no real plan of action when I started by just adding some to the bottom of the page which kind of turned out a bit like mountains; all good so far...... then I used the waste bit off two butterflies to add more to create a shabby butterfly. Not too successful but still. Then my brain stopped working and I doodled smiley faces onto them - all rapidly down hill from there!
 I messed up some of the stamping so out came the tape; along with a random thought
All in all - a random page - The journalling reads " Can you tell that I'm struggling to focus? I'm supposed to be doing something remarkable and creative with Frantage! Somehow I don't think this is it!
My butterflies are doing the happy dance because there are only 3 days till Ranger Uni!"
Now, I'm not a nervous flyer, I actually don't mind. The butterflies are from all the excitement of the whole trip; what I'm going to learn; who I'm going to meet and the whole build up is making those butterflies flutter like mad! Overall it's a fun and quirky unplanned page which I'm sure will make me smile everytime I see it.
Hope you all have a fab afternoon too; now I'm going to make sure my passport and tickets are safe for the umpteemth time.......


Bella said...

soon you will have those excited butterflies flying in formation and having a blast at Ranger U.

Joanne said...

OOh! I'd be out buying loads of matchsticks to keep my eyes open through lack of sleep caused by the excitement. Been following last weekend at Ranger U through Mario and Twitter, so know what an amazing time you are in for. This page is super, don't knock it.
Hugs Joanne xx