Sunday, 29 April 2012

Look at what I found today!

Hi folks
Well; it's been a whirlwind of packing sorting, working and other stuff so though I've done some crafting I actually have nothing that I can share yet; sorry. However; today my wife and I decided that as I was trotting off to America and won't be around the long weekend we need to go out so we braved the rain and drove down to Hastings. I love the sea most on a windy and grey day; weird huh?! It stopped raining so we were really blessed; Just had to get and ice cream; proper Italian gelato
 Found this beautiful sculpture!

 Had an AMAZING cream tea!
 But the best thing was browsing through all the old antique shops; scratching through bits and pieces looking for things that "spoke" to me; like these........
 I just love this old blowtorch and can't wait to alter it! The other bits are fab too but the torch is number one and at less than a fiver I thought it was a bargain!
Let the play time begin!
Have fun everyone and I'll catch up with you all later; I'm going back to counting the hours till I leave for Ranger uni!


Chris Arlington said...

My hubby would love your finds too ! He was drooling over an antique blowtorch last night on the telly.

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...looks like you guys had a fabby time over in Hastings and how nice of the sun to make a special apperance...I only live a wee drive up the coast and in the last 30 years have only been to Hastings once!...not long to go for you now, you must be getting sooo excited...Mel :)

ElizabethR said...

Great shopping trip and I love that sculpture, wouldn't it make a nice focal point in your garden lol. Elizabeth x

JoZart said...

Great to see your Hastings pics... I love it there and must look out for that sculpture next visit. Fab finds for you to alter. I'm so excited for you about your RU trip. Good luck, have lots of fun and make sure we get lots of pics too.
JoZarty x