Monday, 3 October 2011

Gift Cone

Hi there everyone; I'm back with a gift cone project for Katzelkraft, all the specific details are on their blog HERE but this is what I've done.......
A lovely gift cone ready to be filled with chocolates or something equally nice as a special treat for someone.
As always, these beautiful stamps can be ordered directly from Katzelkraft in France or if you are in the UK they are sold exclusively at The Craft Barn.
Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and I'll catch up with you all later.
Blessings to you


Shoshi said...

That's really pretty, Neil. I made something similar for my hubby for Valentine's this year, with a woven paper effect. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about my hubby's silver wedding present. I've just made a grungey mirror you might like - posted about it last night.

Mrs A. said...

Very delicate colours. Love the bird and frothy netting. Never mind the gift for inside just give me the cone!!!! Mrs A.