Wednesday, 20 July 2011

This is for you Pitaylor!

Hi there.
I just wanted to answer a question from the above person but you have not left any means of contacting you so hopefully you will get this!
The stamps from Katzelkraft that I used on my journal page and referred to in my previous post are not yet on the Craft Barn site but if you phone them they should be able to order them in.
They are all on the Katzelkraft blog though!
The link for Kopelli is HERE
The link for Vinci vitruve is HERE
The link for Mouettes is HERE
The link for Femme au Chapeau is HERE

All of those are the new ones I ordered (Though Vincent is not a new Katzelkraft stamp)
Hope that helps


pitaylor said...

Thank you very much for that Neil - now I feel really thick and realise it is actually on the Katzelcraft web page. It does look a great stamp set - so different, a must have for me I think!! Many thanks, Pamela.

Zuzu's Blog said...

helpful chap.. :)

and Kopelli is a set I need too :D NEED!!!!! lol