Friday, 18 March 2011


Hi there again. Still not been able to do any crafting today ( trying to sort out the aftermath of my trip and the chaos I left behind!) but I thought I would show you something that myself and my daughter made for a gift......
Say hi to
 Toothless (him of How to Train your Dragon fame!)
Now, i'll be honest here; said daughter has not really EVER sewn before; myself was NEVER supposed to get involved in the creating of Toothless, that was to be mother's job. Yep, she who conveniently broke her hand prior to this........
Still, it soon became apparent that some of the sewing was not really geared to a first timer so I had to manfully step up to the plate and help out where needed!
Still, between us, we managed to get him done (Some colourful language, raised blood pressure etc etc later)
He only got his eyes last night when we returned home so as well as being toothless; which anyone who has seen the film, will know is a lie; he has been blind all week!

 I am sure that the recipient of this gift, who is an avid fan, will appreciate it very much..... and if my daughter wants one for herself; she can jolly well wait until her mother has her hand back!
Be blessed everyone!


Birgit said...

I can't sew worth a nickel and my arms work(well sorta)well:) I love the dragon..Toothless Tommy is wonderful. Love the dragon..I am a big dragon, fairy Lord of the ring sort of gal.

Gez said...

No wonder your daughter wants one can she bare to part with him! Think you've both done a fantastic job!

One of my all time favourite films :)

DonnaMundinger said...

OMG, how CUTE! Love the movie and this is just FAB! Great job, you two! xxD