Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WOYWW Again, already!

Hi there, can't believe it's wednesday already, where has the time gone.... well i've had a bit of a snoop around some desks already and will be looking at some more soon. Head over to to take a peek.

Here is mine; not as tidy as last weeks but this is what's happening here now
I've started the first double page of my new book, close up to follow, My Tim Holtz Stamps are in the book on top of my tray of bits. (and if you look closely, there is a little suitcase that is for something that will be revealed tomorrow to all my followers......)
This is still in progress but so far I've used stamps and inks, the bird is a self adhesive felt  one which I saw ages ago, fell in love with and bought a pack of 3 and have never seen since (Boo Hoo) The little copper is a penny squashed and it says  "This above all; to thine own felf be true" Did this in Stratford at William Shakespeare's place; you know the things, pop in a penny and 50 p and turn the handle and out pops your altered penny!
This is the cover of the book, I posted this on monday I think but some of you will not of seen it and I am pretty pleased with it so showing it off again!
And lastly, my Timmy stamps are all bound in a little book

I made the cover by using a whole load of scrap metalised cards from stuff I had done and these were too nice to toss (besides; it took ages to do them in the first place!)

Anyway, that's my work desk today, good job you didn't see it yesterday, it was a MESS!
Have a great day, create and be blessed.


Minxy said...

Great start to your book and WOW what a cover, anyone would feel proud of that amazing artwork, very nice job, i also love the metal cover, very cool indeed :D
Thanks for visiting me
Happy Wednesday
Minxy #1
oh and don't worry bout my monkeys, there no trouble, just a bit cheeky lol

Artyjen said...

Stunning stuff on show today.....just lurve the metal cover for the stamps and the book cover is to die for! :)
Have never seen the penny machine sounds great fun
xoxo Sioux


Wow Gorgeous work. Love your space!

Helen said...

Wow, I love that metal cover.

Cardarian said...

It is my first time stopping at your desk - very interesting lots to see! I love that metal cover of your TH stamp book! What a job that must have been! The other book cover also lovely! Really glad to have stopped here - your art is amazing!

Fabrizio said...

Hi Neil and thank you for your kind words. We are as rare as hen's teeth but I found a few men crafters on the web. Your creations are outstanding, keep creating beauty. X Fab

Jinny Holt said...

Your double page journal is looking gorgeous already and what a clever idea with your metal scrap,looks very tactile!!

Thanks for sharing

Jinny #76

newfiecrafter said...

Wow an amazing piece of art. Love your metal book cover what a great idea to put all the left over pieces together as one . The front cover is gorgeous can't wait to see it finished.

sasa said...

Lovely, sensitive and original work. Journal is looking just great already... enjoy, enjoy!

Sarah (sasa)

Wipso said...

What beautiful artistic crafting you have to show us today :-)
A x

Samantha Ball - aka (Craftychick74) said...

Your work is beautiful. TFS!

Love your desk too!

Sam # 26

Marianne@RuffHaven said...

Hi, first time here via woyww. Your work is amazing... I will be back to look around after visiting a few more on the tour.

Andria said...

(128), first visit for me too, stunning work, so much thought, time and ptience behind it too :)

Sarah A said...

Love the cover on your book, the detail is amazing! I have never managed to join in woyww, no wonder you were itching to show it again!

Ingrigued by the suitcase... yes I am nosey!!


Vicki B in OP NY said...

Am mesmerized by the book, the bird the colors the work space. Have a terrific week of creativity.
Vicki 108 - A little inkling

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Beautiful! I've just gotten lost on that open page - I can't wait to see more of this lovely book!

Susan #154

okienurse said...

YOur journal is beautiful. You do awesome work. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #59

olive said...

I ADORE your book cover.... so ethereal. Great to meet a guy who crafts, gives us girls a different perspective on life!!! Hugs xxx

MaggieC said...

Those first two pages are lovely, so beautifully done. I am gradually getting seduced into the idea of doing a journal, but I am not sure I could live up to your standards.

ANewYear said...

Wow. I wish I had even a thimble full of your fabulous talent. your journal is gorgeous and I really love how the page turned out. Sorry you can't find any more of that black felt. Maybe having only a little will make those pages extra special. :0

Happy WOYWW!!

CaroleB #135

Marjo said...

That cover is absolutely gorgeous, wonderful work in progress.

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #7

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh Neil that page is the addition of the swathe of black felt image. Ah the penny squishing - I have that very one too - it's something I tell my child almost every day!

Ellie said...

LOVE what I see, but to be honest; if I had a working place like yours, I would get crazy. LOL

I need space, on my desk... space to put away my stash. My room isn't much bigger, but when I shut the door nobody sees the mess, and I don't have to organize everything back into a cupboard after creating...