Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Still snowing!

Well, it has not stopped snowing since yesterday and having just walked for 45 min in it I can tell you; it is COLD!
View of the castle

View from the top of the motte(or Baily, i can never remember which is which!

So what better card to share than this tree shaker card. I used my own lazer cut trees to create the front, filled with thick glitter to create the "snow" A lovely winter scene suitable for christmas cars or a winter birthday. The burgundy bow just adds that splash of rich colour.
Hope you like it
Now if you will excuse me I am off to make Tim's first tag, yay now it feels like christmas has begun!


Anonymous said...

awsome card neil, does go really well with you lovely photos.. have fun making Tims tag, it looks amazing as always

Julie Ranae said...

another beautiful creation, both from your hands and God's! I live in the midwest of the US, so I am MORE than used to the snow, but I love the English countryside blanketed in the white husband is originally from Manchester, but I never saw this much in one go there...ever!
Happy to be follower #37 for you...hope you will come by The Open Window and take a peek in. Always love new followers : )

Sarah A said...

Wow this is stunning and a real inspiration, I have still never been brave enough to make a shaker card, well not counting the one which ended up in the bin after the glitter stuck on the adhesive lol!