Thursday, 16 December 2010


Hi there everyone;
Hope you are all well; after 2 days back at work I've beened sucked into christmas overtime for the next few days and then it is christmas etc etc; then mom-in-law arrives; then new year; then- well you get the picture so I am warning you now, I may not get to post daily and tim to craft will be shorter than usual so projects will be simpler or I'll be trawling my archives! Like this

The image is inkadinkadoo.
(I apologise if some pictures slip through the net and you have seen them on older posts but I'll try to keep things fresh!)
I was thrilled to log on yesterday and find that I had been featured on Paper issues; thanks guys, you made my day.
well time to start planning for the day! Take care and be blessed in whatever you do today

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