Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Flower power

Hi there. I'm sure I am not alone in having days when you just can't quite decide what to do? Well, today is one of those days...
Firstly I wandered around like a lost soul for a while; then I thought I would start on a friends christmas present; then I stopped with that because it was not inspiring me. So now what?
Well I decided to do some preperation work in the hope that I would get some focus so I sat and made flowers, 22 in total; and yes my creative block has gone and I have some ideas and wish they would dry so I can carry on!
I'm sure that there will be tutorials on how to do these so I won't bore you; if you want the basic instruction though just leave a comment and i'll tell you.
Be blessed


Nancy said...

Pretty, pretty flowers!
Funny, I'm having a 'non-focus' day, too. Need to find something to bring myself into line .. lol

Terry said...

Love those flowers! What a nice way to not focus! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Have a great day!

Mariannes Kort og Stempling said...

Love your flowers!! And I love your work - thanks for sharing ;-)

Catherine said...

Really lovely flowers. Would like to know the steps to make them and look forward to a video. Thanks! cathy