Friday, 5 November 2010

Christmas Decorations

Hi there everyone.
It is wonderful to see my followers growing almost daily! I appreciate all your comments and enjoy them all; but I am sure you will agree that some comments are really exciting: like yesterday when I logged on and discovered that Tim Holtz (Yes, THAT Tim Holtz !!!!!!) had been on my blog and posted a comment about my altered bird!! YESSSSSS that made my day! Out of all the thousands of people that tag photo's on FB he liked mine enough to go and take a look on the blog.

Well, what did I manage to do yesterday? Not much after that excitement for a while..... no I did some christmas decorations; yes that time of the year is fast approaching. All credit to these must go to Poupette over at the Craft Barn; once I saw hers I knew what to do with my pencil cases which I had had for a while now.

To make the decorations I used a sizzix flower die (you use 4 per decoration) Fold each in half and glue. Before gluing the last one add the hanger.
The box was simply distressed with ink, paper glued and then a bit of crackle added for texture.
I made 6 in the end; I think they make nice gifts for teachers, collegues etc.
Enjoy and have a nice day.


Dawn-Marie said...

How exciting that Tim Holtz commented on your blog! I once won on his blog and I printed out the email he sent me and kept the envelope that Mario had sent the prize in!

I love your Christmas ornaments and pencil boxes! How genius! :)

Winnefred said...

Very clever!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh fantastic!! you did a great job with those!
isabelle @ the craft barn