Thursday, 11 November 2010

Altered Jars

I've been playing around with these jars for a while now. You know the ones i'm sure (From Ikea) They were a bit more challenging than I thought they would be but in the end they came out ok. Not sure what I'l use them for but they look great on the desk anyway!
I first painted the lids with Ferro gold which gives a lovely textured finish. I stamped white tissue with a Craft Individuals stamp and glued onto the glass before colouring with Distress inks.
The tags are made using the rusted enamel technique fron Tim Holtz's Compendium. Each in a different colour. At the moment I left them blank as I thought I would first decide what goes into each then do the tags accordingly.
Then to finish off the lids I hauled out my box of sealing waxes and made seals in coppers and golds using again a Craft Individuals post mark stamp.

So now I have 8 lovely jars to fill. The overall effect is pretty masculine I think; but hey, I'm a guy so I may just fill them with nuts and bolts. Seriously, I pick nuts and washers etc up from the street and always need a place to keep them until they arrive on my cards so that may not be a bad idea after all.
Take care; I'm off to start something else now......


Nancy said...

These are VERY cool!!!

Artyjen said...

Fab place for nuts! Hey I'm a woman and I pick stuff up like that too....LOL
xoxo Sioux