Wednesday 10 February 2021

New stamps and shapes.

 Good afternoon folks.

Thought I would pop on quickly to share a bit about one of the new things I have been doing. I recently have made some sea themed stamps and popped them onto my Etsy store.  As they come with some matching shapes I thought I would pop a little post on here just to show how I have designed them to work.

First up is the seahorse which I can tell, is going to be the favourite lol. You get the rubber stamp and 9 of the design cut in greyboard. (3 each of large, medium and small)

As you can see, the large shape corrosponds with the stamp. Personally, I think it is easier to take the shape to the stamp for this.

Ink up the stamp, press the shape and there you have it, one dimensional sea horse....

Now when it comes to the other shapes, to get them to look like "proper" sea horses the trick is to line the shape up so the eye is in the right place like this for the medium. (Note that if the tail has blank bits then it's easy enough to stamp it onto one of the other areas to pick up the pattern)

and the small.
There they are, all stamped... I think they are cool

All coloured up and then a coat of clear heat embossing over.

You can stamp with versamark and heat emboss fine black like this before colouring.
And, bacause I have cut them out of rubber, you can stamp into heat embossing to create this kind of effect (this is two layers of bronze extra thick powder heated and stamped into while still hot, then gilding was added to bring out the texture)
The same principle applies to the fish..... so I won't go into detail again word wise, but here are the pics for the large.


and small

Obviously the jellyfish have no eyes so it is easy enough to stamp but one thing worth saying is that don't try to line up the strands, because they are thin you will find that by the time you  have gessoed or painted the base before stamping, they will have moved. so I just line up the top and let the legs do what they like....

I think they are fun, and who doesn't like under the sea themes.
If you are interested, the links for them are below.

You can find the seahorse HERE
You can find the fish HERE
You can find the jellyfish HERE


Crafty Claire said...

Great designs and I love how the one stamp can fit the different sized pieces. I think the jellyfish might be my favourites x

R's Rue said...

So fun. I love it so much.

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