Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Textured fun.

Goodly mornin peeps.....
Again, just popping in to touch base in between trying to sort out my studio (and NO, you definitely don't want to see the state of it at the moment)
Over the weekend, I was up in Shepreth having a good time messing about with textures and paints with a lovely group of ladies....
I forgot to take my camera out half the time but I did manage a few pics.......

 I'm loving the concentration LOL, everyone focused in on working with various elements. Then it was time to add some more textures with Grunge Paste and other smaller pieces.....bit of drying time required which gave a good reason for a coffee break and a slice (or two) of Cheryl's delicious plum cake.
Starting to add the first layers of colour..... until by the end of the day we had taken our plain boxes to this delightfully messy stage
 and then from that to this......

All in all, there are about seven layers to get to this but it was all good fun and the finished result is fabulous!
This is one of my favourite classes to do and I love how ,though everyone begins with the same basic "ingredients", the end results are always so different.

I love mixed media work like this, don't you?
Catch you later, have fun.

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