Monday 9 June 2014

The Craft Barn Extravaganza 2014.....Sunday

Good morning friends
I hope you are well. This weekend gone was the annual extravaganza weekend over at The Craft Barn, For day one's post see HERE if you missed it and this post is all about Sunday; there's a reasonable number of photos to follow so make yourself comfy and grab a cuppa......
 All set up and neat and tidy, Gelli Plate at the ready, with a bit of time till kick off I took the opportunity to take a wander and snap some pics.
 The lovely Helen was ready and waiting......
 Lindsay Mason with her table stuffed full of gorgeous and cheerful samples.
 I love the owl stamp.
 Pauline was also ready and waiting to go.

 These delightful scenes were new from Tando; you can either buy a Christmas or Halloween kit or just the blank base and I have loads of ideas with those already!
 Also new from Tando Creative were masks and stencils designed by the delightful Gio from Italy. These are some of the gorgeous samples she had done.
 My personal favourite is this lovely medley stencil which is high on my must have list.
PaperArtsy were doing their usual gorgeousness. These are simply fabulous backgrounds.
 Then, back to me (LOL) I had a great time creating prints with the Gelli Plate and showing how I work in layers of paint to create my backgrounds etc
Here I was working with masks cut from dies and opaque paint over a transparent layered  collage print.
I snaffled this print from Helen's blog. I didn't even know she had taken it.
Gabbie snapped this one, this is a packing tape print.
It was also exciting to see my new book cover kits all packaged and ready to go. Thank you to everyone who came to let me know they liked them and had popped them into their shopping bags. Now I'll leave you with a few pics of some of  the prints, I made loads to I look forward to using them and sharing the results with you, take care and hope you have a lovely day and week.


JoZart Designs said...

That all looks like a one fabulous weekend for everyone lucky enough to attend. I wish I'd been part of it all.
Super results and I especially love your prints.
Jo x

Karen said...

Thank you for the lovely pics Neil! x

Belinda Basson said...

It is pouring cats and dogs in FREEZING Cape Town, so with Milo in hand, I have enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing all that you got up to and the other stands too.

Shoshi said...

Gorgeous creative stuff going on there, Neil! Thanks for showing all the lovely work.


Gio said...

Gorgeous pictures, Neil, thanks for sharing with us and for your lovely words about my stencils.
It's been a great weekend, and I had the chance to see something new for me showed by you, both days!

Nan G said...

Looks like a fun day ready to go. Love the gelli prints. Can't wait to see your book covers revealed.

Linda49 said...

I thought I would have a go using your lovely Book Cover Kit but as I wasn't able to get to TCB at the weekend I didn't see what you did with it and how you put it together. Do you have any instructions and what should I buy, other than paper). Am I just being thick ?
Thanks for sharing all the photographs of he event just wish I had gone.