Thursday 12 June 2014

Playing with Pebeo.....

Good evening folks.
Thought I'd nip on and share a couple of pics with you. Today was a rare treat where I had the opportunity to join some other Tutor/Demonstrators and staff at The Craft Barn for a bit of a teaching day with Ashleigh from Pebeo.
Though the products have been around for a long time and are very popular in many places; they are, perhaps, not so well known here in England so I for one definitely appreciated learning about them and  the opportunity to "give them a go"!

 We all started out with a canvas that had been pre prepared with texture sand and resin patterns to which we chose and adhered a butterfly.
 Time to add some colour, Helen decided to pour it on while the rest of us played it safe and used a brush....
 So, this is what it looks like after a liberal covering of Vitrail paint, which is a glass paint but works well on other non porous surfaces.
 I then decided to echo the circular design of the top resin and used a tissue to remove colour in a circular motion which came out nicely.

 We had a bit more of a play by dripping some lightening fluid onto the paint which gave an interesting effect which you may be able to see in the next photo.
 It gives an effect similar in some ways to that achieved with Alcohol Ink. What is not too clear here is that We've added some gold foiling over some of the areas which looks pretty cool too and the lighter areas are fantasy moon paint.

We did add some other bits but I forgot to take some pictures. It was a bit of a case of throwing everything at the canvas and I was pretty happy in the end with the result so I thought I'd finish it off properly tomorrow before I show that to you.
We had the chance to mix up and test the resin which has to be one of the things that really impressed me. The texture medium was lovely too, full of grit and it can be coloured with paint too so that opens up some fun distress ideas in my head..
Things to consider, most of the paints are solvent based so you need to clean them with spirits rather than water and work in a ventilated area. Pretty easy to clean though. and I will definitely be working with them more.
All in all, a fun day and a real treat too.
I'll catch up later, enjoy what's left of the evening.........

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Belinda Basson said...

Always nice to be on the receiving end of tuition!