Monday 29 November 2010

How to do: the flowers

Hi, I was asked by one person to tell how I made my flowers the other day so here goes.
You will need : Double sided paper, 3 flower punches in different sizes, something to poke a hole with, a mini mister filled with water and planty of spare water to hand! I worked on a non stick craft sheet.
The original tutorial said to use 4 large and 3 medium and 3 small flowers. I did that at first but then reduced them to 3 large and 2 each of the medium and small so it is up to you really as to how many layers you use. I just found it gave me the finish I was happy with with less bulk.

These were the punches I used

Punch out your desired quantity
Poke a hole though all of them and fasten together with a small brad.

Then spray liberally with water; don't be shy with the water! Then start to fold everything inwards covering the brad until you end up with a sodden lump that looks something like this!

Then begin to open the petals out one by one shaping them as you do. You will need to be a bit careful as the paper will be fairly fragile.
The end result will be something like this:

Now I was happy to see the brad but you can leave it covered if you like. Leave to dry, preferably overnight then the next day you have some lovely flowers to play with! You will get different resultd depending on the style of punch you use. I plan to play with Tim Holtz's tattered floral die as I think that will give some great results. I'll keep you posted!
Be blessed


Anonymous said...

These look fab, thanks for sharing. I am going to give these ago! you have been very busy. All your projects look amazing as always.. Donna

Sarah A said...

These look fab, think as you suggested I will have a go with the Tattered floral die!

Thanks for sharing.


MysterysJewell said...

Thanks for sharing how you make such lovely things. I often look at peoples talent and think i could never learn anything that looks so good and i find alot of people wont show how they do it or if they show its so complicated! You made it look easy to follow.
Ive looked at a lot of your crafts your very talented!

Nancy said...

Your flowers are lovely...thanks for the great tutorial! Found your blog via Play Date Cafe, congrats on the Fab 4 recognition.

Lynne Forsythe said...

OK Neil....I have a class on "Flowers" I am teaching next weekend and was going to use the "water" you have spurred my idea further.....THANKS YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are so much fun to make! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm hooked and must have made a hundred of them! Showed them to my friends and they were amazed.....sent your link to my friends.

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Awesome flowers and great tutorial - methinks Prima will be out of business soon!

Marjie Kemper said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much for spelling it out.

Art By Wanda said...

Wow!!! The transformation from before the water to after the water is amazing!!! I have to make these!!!!

Angela Toucan said...

great flowers

MD said...

waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh superbe bravo md

Linda M. Cain said...

this is sooooo cool!!!!!!
Great job, Neil!


GrĂ¡inne said...

thanks for this great tutorial! Great job!
I tried to make one with the Tim Holtz die but I'm still experimenting :-)

Great work around here!

Helen said...

What great flowers!

Inkypinkycraft said...

A fab tutorial, I will definitely be giving this a go...will use Tims tattered florals die and keep my fingers crossed!!thanks for sharing hugs trace x